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Our Young Composers Scheme was created for aspiring young musicians aged 14-18 with a passion for classical music looking to develop their skills in composition, instrumentation and arranging. In conjunction with the International Concert Series at St David’s Hall, we are offering an invaluable opportunity to learn from and work alongside professional composers and highly experienced instrumentalists from Wales. The Young Composers scheme consists of termly composition workshops at St David’s Hall, in which participants will be guided and given tuition in writing for a classical ensemble, and hear their compositions tried out loud by the musicians. The scheme is FREE and will end in a final showcase of their works-in-progress or final pieces where they will be recorded, editted and sent out to the particpants to keep. This is an exciting opportunity that will look great on further education applications and will be of particular benefit for any young musicians trying to build a portfolio of work for School or university. Past courses: Writing for Orchestral Percussion, Wind Quintet, String Quartet, Brass Quintet, Composing for a purpose: Education, Theatre, Film & Game, Trio of Harp, Viola and Flute, Trio of Piano, Double bass and saxophone, Saxophone Quartet, Clarinet Quartet Past Composers: Peter Reynolds, Max Davies, Adrian Hull, James Williams, Helen Woods, Rob Westwood, Harriet Riley, Molly Lopresti Richards, Tess Tyler & Ashley John-Long, Lynne Plowman, Richard Barnard

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Participants must compose for the specified ensemble over the 4 day course. By the end they will have created a score and recorded their composition according to the brief set to them. This works in line with the GCSE and ALevel requirements for music.


We provide the space, tutor, ensemble, manuscript paper and pencils as well as access to keyboards and headphones. It is helpful if participants are able to bring their own instruments to sessions to help them with the composition process. If participants have notation software and laptops it is also preferable that they bring them with them but not essential.


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Workshops take place in the Lefel 1 studio of St David's Hall.

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