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Selected Opportunities

  • Emma is looking for a creator

    Year 4 teacher at Croesty Primary School


    Enquiry deadline 27/05/2022
    We would love some artistic inspiration for our Aloha theme, based on Polynesian islands for Years 4 and 5. Dance, drama, music, art... ...
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  • Liz is looking for a creator

    Year 3 Class teacher
    Small, charming community school in Beaufort in the South Wales valleys is looking for an experienced, energetic, fun, dance teacher/choreographer to work with an lively, enthusiastic Year 3 class ...
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  • Matt is looking for an educator

    Coordinator at National Arts & Education Network

    Site Specific Arts.

    Enquiry deadline 16/06/2022
    Exploring monuments and public art through arts projects.This one-day training session will explore the concept of site-specific visual art, including street art, land art a...
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