plwg-logo is the all-Wales culture and education matchmaking service, connecting educators and schools to creatives and cultural organisations, to spark pupils’ creativity.

It does this through ‘Opportunities’:

Creating an Opportunity on Plwg lets educators or creatives know you have something to offer, or are looking for something: whether you’re a teacher looking for help to create inspiring learning experiences, or a creative with a workshop for children and young people that you’d like to run in schools, you can create an Opportunity for others to find.

Searching for an Opportunity on Plwg lets you find people who want to help you to spark creativity in children and young people.

When you create an Opportunity you’ll be taken through a set of questions that will help you to clearly communicate what you want or have to offer, asking questions such as, Key Stage, ArtForm, Specialist Experience, Language, Financial Information, Learning Goals and Curriculum Links, Staff Resource and Requirements and more.

Then by the power of our magic algorithm, each time you login, you’ll find the opportunities that match your preferences at the top of your list. Or you can scroll through, use the free text field search, or use the Advanced Search filters to search for other Opportunities. Who knows what doors it might open?

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