Musician & Storyteller

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Claire is looking for a creator

Source Healing

Looking for another Creative to work alongside creating experience for growth for children & young people.

Music, movement, sounding and visual expression as tools for growth.

I am a registered Dance and Somatic Movement Educator with a Masters Degree in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing from the University of Central Lancashire.

Promoting positive development of children's innate skills, experiential knowing of their bodies (interoception) & external connections to others and the environment (proprioception).

Encouraging confidence simply 'being' and engaging, expanding their imagination.

Helping children embody movement in primal, animalistic ways.

Discovering natural movements of walking on all fours; side-to-side movements of fish-body or undulation of a jellyfish or fluid movements of octopus.

Qualified with Massage in Schools Programme (MISP) experience delivering in both mainstream & special needs schools

11 years experienced Holistic Therapist in the local community

Levels one and two Counselling.

DBS on update service.

Safeguarding training.

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