Year 3 Natural Disasters- Creative dance sessions

Enquiry deadline 30/05/2022

Liz is looking for a creator

Year 3 Class teacher

Small, charming community school in Beaufort in the South Wales valleys is looking for an experienced, energetic, fun, dance teacher/choreographer to work with an lively, enthusiastic Year 3 class in creating a Volcano dance as part of their current topic, Natural Disasters. The children are studying the literacy text, Escape from Pompeii, and we are hoping that through movement, they will have a greater understanding of what happened that fateful day in August 79AD when Vesuvius erupted, and the impact it had on the lives of the citizens of Pompeii.

Until 30/06/2022

Learning Goals

Expressive Arts/Language and Literacy/Health and Well being


30 maximum


This needs to take place in my school.

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