Film school For kids 2023

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Company Director at 47 Studios & Productions Ltd

 47 Studios & Production has produced an independent course for children that allows schools to access educational opportunities in the creative arts industry for their pupils. The course is delivered independently by Mark and ensures the children gain knowledge and practical skills in the Film and Media Sector.

The 6 week course takes children on a learning journey around every aspect of film making. Mark teaches the children how cameras work, how to use lighting and sound, story boarding leading into scriptwriting  as well as basic editing skills. The result is a short film that the children create and produce themselves.

Learning Goals

The course works with the 6 areas of learning and experience  within the  Welsh curriculum and the digital competency framework.


Expressive Arts which covers drama film and digital media. The course enables children to explore a variety of creative techniques materials and processes whilst combining their ideas and skills.

Health and wellbeing, which covers decision making, resilience and empathy. The course puts every decision in the children’s hands and teaches them resilience when things go wrong.

Languages literacy and communication. The course needs children to communicate with each other as part of a team to listen to each other and to understand that literature fires imagination and inspires creativity.

Maths and numeracy. The course covers basic use of the numbers system, multiplication in relation to shutter speeds and angles and position.

Science and technology. The course covers designing and making pinhole cameras, investigating through methods of enquiry, bouncing light and diffusion.

The course allows children to develop the Integral skills within the 4 purposes of the Welsh curriculum. 

Creativity and innovation, 

Critical thinking and problem solving,

Personal effectiveness,

Planning and organising 


2 hours - 4 hours


5 - 40


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